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Donway traction splint user manual

The STS applies traction from the hip and is infinitely adjustable. 23 results for traction splint Save traction splint to get e- mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Safe traction for field use should be traction in a known amount prescribed by protocol or a medical consultant. Our unique splint adjustments and positioning technology makes your job easier and quicker; and at the same time facilitates vastly improved patient outcomes. From: Donway traction splint in The Oxford Dictionary of Sports Science & Medicine ». The ischial ring of the traction splint must be against the bony prominence of the buttocks ( ischial tuberosity). Secure Velcro Support Straps. The reel splint is designed to vastly improve patient lower extremity care, as well as streamline and simplify your field care capability. Alan Tours 91, 067, 890 views.

Traction Splints - Applying the KTD Traction Splint February 14, / Jeffery Hill, MD M. Cross the top straps over the in- step starting with the longer strap underneath. ( 4) Once the traction has been applied by the traction strap, you can lean forward and relax your manual traction.

Tighten the straps around the footplate and secure with the velcro attachment. Donway traction splint user manual. Application of Model S301, Sager Form III Single Leg Traction Splint is similar to that of its bilateral cousin — Model S304. This helps reduce blood loss, alleviate pain and minimize further injury. Unfollow traction splint to stop getting updates on your eBay feed.
The Donway Traction Splint fits most patients from eight years to an adult of 6' 8". The devices itself consists of a metal frame that surrounds the leg that is then strapped into place. Allows patient immobilisation in any position Conform to the contours of the body Becomes rigid when air is expelled Constructed from top quality materials Supplied with integral velcro straps Comes with three comfortable but hard wearing splints Includes hand pump and carry bag Especially suited for pre- hospital, sports and military applications Prevents further injury during transportation. Customer or the user of the Splint Pan can help prevent electromagnetic interference by maintaining a minimum distance between portable and mobile RF communications equipment ( transmitters) and the Splint Pan as recommended below, according to the maximum output power of the communications equipment. The techniques described are not intended to be all- inclusive but. Donway- splint Open/ Download Donway splint user manual The evening ended with a practical session on nerve blocks in ED by Dr.
Baby Elephant rescued. Shop with confidence. This leg split users guide and instruction manual shows how to quickly and accurately identify the 12 components of the splint, how to connect them, how to properly use them to secure a leg injury and develop pain relieving traction with no further damage to the leg. The Donway Splints are extendable to fit anyone. Traction splints provide a counter- pull to reduce the size of the thigh and realign the fractured femur. Sam Slishman at the University of New Mexico to overcome many of the the operational difficulties of older traction splint designs.

Instructions to the Candidate: Traction Splinting This station is designed to test your ability to properly immobilize a mid- shaft femur injury with a traction splint. The splint applies gentle traction to align the injured leg. It is primarily used on patients with mid- line femur fractures. Simple, step- by- step instructions are sewn directly on the straps. The Kendrick Traction Device ( KTD) is a lightweight splint used in a pre- hospital environment to restore anatomical alignment to the leg. Grand County EMS  - 81 W.
Acting on the ankle and groin pressure is then applied via an integrated pump. Brands of Traction Splint, Donway, Hare, CT- 6, Sager, Trac 3. Wide elastic support straps maintain the injured leg within the frame of the splint, helping to provide in- line mechanical traction. The Slishman Traction Splint ( STS) is an innovative traction device that solves many of the current problems with other traction splints.

A traction splint specially designed for a fractured femur shaft and supplied for the use of UK racecourse medical officers. Sam Splint User Guide: Introduction 7 INTRODUCTION This manual begins with a discussion of the general properties of the splint. A hand- based swing traction splint to provide a distraction force from the K- wire to the splint. Applying mechanical traction with the Hare splint. You will have an EMT assistant to help you in the application of the device by applying manual traction when directed to do so. - Duration: 14: 58.

KENDRICK TRACTION DEVICE APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS ( A) ANKLE HITCH ( B) UPPER THIGH SYSTEM ( C) TRACTION POLE ( D) KNEE ELASTIC STRAP ( E) THIGH ELASTIC STRAP ( F) ANKLE ELASTIC STRAP ( G) STORAGE BAG Apply upper thigh system by sliding male buckle under the leg, atthe knee, and see- saw upward until positioned in crotch area ( as shown). This section contains information regarding construction, principles of use, environmental comments, cutting, cleaning, and precautions. The Donway traction splint is a pneumatic splint that can be applied to a patient in situ. Mass EMT Exam Station: Hare Traction Splint. Ed Immobilization of midshaft or distal femur fractures is thought to decrease pain for the patient during transport and to decrease the amount of bleeding and hemorrhage. It should also be traction that is dynamic in nature using a resilient member that permits graded reduction of traction force as the muscle spasm decreases and leg length increases.

Continue to support the leg at the ankle until the remainder of the splint straps have been applied. Donway femoral splint application: you most likely have no idea how to work this contraption. The Donway traction splint is a pneumatic splint that can be applied to a patient in situ. The Donway Splints are compact with a flat profile for easy storag. The latest Tweets from Donway Medical Home of the Donway Traction Splint, Donway Carbon Fibre OS Stretcher, Donway Vac Mattress & Vac Splints, Donway Traction Lite Splint, Donway Bariatric Sheets. If equipped with a kickstand at the end of the.

Release manual traction. Secure foot in splint 1. Application of traction splint ( Donway splint) Sheet 2 of 2 EQUIPMENT: Donway splint, patient, assistant Competency Assessment STAGES KEY POINTS RATIONALE 6.
The manual begins with a. Viewed with Alan Tours while on Safari at the Addo Elephant National Park. The Faretec CT- 6 Military Leg Traction Splint is designed for pre- hospital care and patient transport, specifically in combat scenarios. You are required to treat only. Traction Splinting.

The most common traction splints you’ ll see in the field are the Hare ( bipolar) and the Sager ( unipolar). Mov to first refer to local protocols, but a suspected femur fracture should first be treated with manual traction. No cable box required. Download the Sager Traction Splint User Manual for your electronic.

The STS ( Slishman Traction Splint) is another lateral monopole traction. Find great deals on eBay for traction splint. The femoral fracture fact sheet can be found here. Hare Traction Splint ( Bipolar Traction Splint).

Product Description and Benefits: The STS was developed by Dr. The future of live TV with 60+ channels. A patented pulley system makes traction application easier than other devices, and a unique hitch allows use despite a foot amputation. Apply the traction splint Rescuer # 1 slides the traction splint under the patient’ s injured leg, as rescuer # 2 elevates the leg and continues manual traction via the ankle hitch. Apply opposing manual traction – pulling both joints until the injured section is aligned The Sager® splint is designed for use on adult and pediatric patients. Presentation notes will be uploaded to the Education menu soon.

This video stars either Smurfs or The Blue Man Group for some reason. Hand- based swing traction splinting for intra- articular proximal interphalangeal joint fractures. Infinitely variable, readily controlled and measurable pneumatic traction with a built- in traction limiting mechanism to prevent tissue damage. Unequalled versatility: A single, totally adjustable device capable of treating patients from a child of 8 to a 6’ 10” adult. SPLINT is the most popular emergency splint in the world,. The FernoTrac™ Traction Splint is available in adult and pediatric sizes, or as a kit, and includes carrying case. PO Box 1457 Granby, COContact Webmaster. Attach S- hook to D- ring and take up tension until splint traction matches manual traction. With the exception of traction splints, almost all kinds of splints. Whilst it is often uncomfortable for the patient to have the splint fitted ( often requiring. PDF | To investigate whether a traction splint made from improvised materials is as efficacious as commercially available devices in terms of traction provided and perceived comfort and stability.

It is most commonly used for fractures of the femur ( thigh bone). Directs application of manual traction ( not necessary when using a unipolar device, but must be applied before elevating the leg if the leg is elevated at all) Assesses motor, sensory and distal circulation in the injured extremity Prepares/ adjusts the splint to proper length Positions the splint at the injured leg. However, the unilateral nature of the S301 requires that when positioning the Splint, the Traction ( Pulley) Wheel be placed on it’ s side and towards the injured limb.

Ct- 6 Traction Splint Instructions Faretec CT- 6 Military Leg Traction SplintThis is the Traction Device Multicolor OTD EP800Optimum Traction Device Tactical Use Black OTD EP810.

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